“Osječko Beer. It’s drunk for a good cause” – humanitarian campaign of Osječka Pivovara and Osijek Clinical Hospital.

“Osječko Beer. It’s drunk for a good cause” – a fundraising campaign of Osječka Pivovara and Osijek Clinical Hospital.
Cooperation between Osječka Pivovara and Osijek Clinical Hospital in the form of the fundraising campaign “1 litre – 1 kuna” was introduced on the press conference held on Tuesday, August 23 at Osijek Clinical Hospital.

As part of this campaign, Osječka Pivovara donates one kuna to Osijek Clinical Hospital for every litre of Osječko Beer sold. Participants in the press conference were Assist. Prof. Željko Zubčić, MD, PhD, director of Osijek Clinical Hospital, Antonio Drobina, director of Osječka Pivovara, Vlatko Kopić, DMD, deputy director of Osijek Clinical Hospital and Assist. Prof. Andrijana Muller, PhD, head of the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics.
Director of Osječka Pivovara, Antonio Drobina, pointed out that the focus of Pivovara has always been the City of Osijek and its citizens, so, in order to additionally help the city, we decided to start a campaign that aims to unite the citizens of Osijek and encourage them to help our hospital.
The purpose of this campaign is to buy a new machine Philips ClearVue 650, for 3D and 4D ultrasound. Andrijana Muller, head of the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, pointed out that purchasing this device is very important for the hospital because it will shorten the waiting period for an ultrasound examination. It will also enable all the pregnant women, puerperae and patients of the gynaecology department to have access to a high-quality device that will raise the service quality to a higher level, thus bettering the Osijek Clinical Hospital as a whole.
The fundraising campaign starts on 23 August, and lasts until funds for buying the device are collected. Every Osječko Beer sold in the City of Osijek is part of the campaign. Campaign “1 litre – 1 kuna” is also held during the festival “Days of the First Croatian Beer”, from 7 September to 17 September. The beer sold during the festival will be included in the campaign as well. As part of the campaign “Osječko Beer. It’s drunk for a good cause”, the campaign “Making the Rounds for a Good Cause” will be introduced. Twenty cafes from the City of Osijek will take part. This campaign aims to entice the citizens of Osijek to spend time with their friends, drinking Osječko Beer and, at the same time, help their fellow citizens.
During this fundraising campaign, Osječka Pivovara plans on demonstrating numerous reasons for drinking Osječko Beer, one of the most important ones being helping your city. Leading people of Osječka Pivovara and Osijek Clinical Hospital invited citizens of Osijek to participate, hoping they will recognize the importance of this campaign, and all of us will unite to show how citizens of Osijek always stick together and can count on one another.

19 Aug 2016