Traditional specialties

Premier Slavonian gourmet chefs prepare traditional specialties such as beer sausages, pork knuckle with sauerkraut and barbeque, with beer pretzels and other baked delicacies.

Osijek Pyramids

Even though the Pyramids of Osijek are not one of the Seven Wonders of the World like the Pyramids of Giza, they are an equally impressive endeavour achieved by the members of Osječko Beer Fan Club. Empty cups are collected on numerous tables to create impressive structures. By enriching our local cultural scene, we are also providing an example of responsible relationship with nature and recycling of used materials.


Left bank of the Drava River, Catacombs

Jole – 7 September
Marijan Ban and Diktatori – 8 September
Slavonske lole – 9 September
Baruni – 10 September
Gazde – 11 September
Željko Bebek – 15 September
Mejaši – 16 September
Slavonija Band – 17 September


One more festival “Days of the First Croatian Beer” was held on the left bank of the Drava River, under the slogan “Much Better Days”. Maja Šuput gave the opening performance, and Slavonske Lole gave the closing one.

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The central event of the whole summer was an excellent party held in the city on the Drava River. We invited, among others, Opća opasnost, Gazde and Najbolji hrvatski tamburaši; we had a great time, and to those who were interested to visit the brewery, where we revealed some of the secrets of the great taste of Osječko Beer.

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Special days, as we had two different tents for different preferences – rock and tamburitza music. Unforgettable concerts were held simultaneously during five nights – accompanied by traditional specialties and hectolitres of Osječko Beer!

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The fourth “Days of the First Croatian Beer” were held under the slogan “I love Osijek, so I drink Osječko Beer”. Brewery tours and appealing carriage rides were organized. Numerous tamburitza bands entertained the audience, such as Slavonia Band, Gazde and Slavonske Lole. Osječko TramFest – party in a tram accompanied by a DJ, Osječko Beer and a limited number of tickets – also continued. We organized a free bus line for all the events – so visitors could enjoy responsibly.


The third “Days of the First Croatian Beer” were characterized by a double program as well – in the traditional part of the program, tamburitza players, led by Slavonia Band, entertained the audience, while disco, hip-hop, house and rock-parties were organized within the TramFest in the urban part of the program. Traditional brewery tours were part of this year’s manifestation as well.


We were inspired by the success of the first manifestation “Days of the First Croatian Beer”, so we created a quadruple program – traditional one on the left bank of the Drava River, by the Catacombs, with Slavonia Band, Gazde and other popular bands, and Osječko TramFest as a part of the urban program. Cultural program included the performance of the “Orient Expresto” and a lecture about beer. Tourist program included brewery tours – from the old Šeper’s brewery, along the promenade to the left bank of the Drava River.


The idea for the event “Days of the First Croatian Beer” first appeared in 2009 – an entertaining and gastronomical program, with accompanying exhibitions and attractions, such as driving in horse-drawn carriages. We also played beer games, enjoyed the sounds of tamburitza music and tried out old-fashioned eco-friendly carousel. Osječko Beer was served by the staff dressed in stylized traditional uniforms for the full effect.