Black is Always IN

Every self-respecting person needs to have one small, cold bottle of black beer in the fridge – for rainy days. They say black is always in, and Osječko Dark Beer is the beer for every occasion. It is irresistible because of its rich, yet smooth taste, which makes it appropriate for frequent consumption and makes it an excellent accompaniment to many different dishes.

Chase away Black Thoughts

Osječko Dark Beer gets its colour from caramel made by boiling malt sugar together with brewer’s yeast. That has a beneficial effect on its richness and special flavour, which is outstanding and unique in the market. Chase off your black thoughts, drink Osječko Dark Beer and cheer up.

Long Tradition of Osječko Dark Beer

We have been manufacturing Osječko Dark beer ever since the 1970s. Decades of tradition resulted in unparalleled beer with exceptional bouquet, stabile foam, and mildly sweet and fully aromatic flavour. We have paid special attention to the smoothness of taste, so Osječko Dark Beer has only a slight note of bitterness for true refreshment.

Taste It with Us

How to taste Osječko? You are going to need a place you feel most comfortable at, bright and free of other smells. Use a big, clean glass. Beer should not be too cold, so you can taste the aromas. While pouring the beer out of the bottle, pay close attention to the way foam is formed – it can freely go over the edge of the glass. Put it close to your nose and feel its smell. Can you notice its aroma without even tasting it? Take a quick sip and wait. Some notes can be tasted only after a while.

Brewer’s Bread

You can make bread with beer too! All you need is a cup and a half of flour, two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of baking powder, a quarter cup of flaxseeds, a teaspoon of salt, a quarter cup of sunflower seeds and a bit of basil (optional), tablespoon of oil and one Osječko Dark Beer. Mix solid ingredients, then add oil and beer. Wait for the mixture to rise, then bake it and leave it to cool off.


  • 0.5L glass bottle
  • Keg