Strength of Nature

Carefully selected natural ingredients are the basis for the fullness of flavour. Natural water from our own wells, without any additional treatments, is combined with the best barley malt and hops. This is followed by a process of brewing with curative brewer’s yeast, which enriches the liquid with nutritious substances and vitamins. That’s why we like to refer to Osječko Beer as healthy food.

Beer our Ancestors Used to Drink

Long tradition of producing Osječko Beer dates back to the 17th century. Even though trends come and go, Osječko is still a beer for true lovers, uncompromising and produced according to an unaltered recipe. Precisely because of the natural ingredients and traditional methods of preservation, the beer has a somewhat shorter expiration date, so it can offer original quality.

Why Brown Bottles?

From the very beginning, Osječko Beer has been sold in brown bottles, as they best protect this precious liquid from light and other outside influences. That way, ingredients stay unaltered, and the taste is preserved for a longer period of time. Brown bottle is a loyal keeper of our tradition.


0.33L glass bottle
0.5L glass bottle

Taste for Refined Palate

Thanks to its breezy and refreshing taste, Osječko is a beer that is a good fit for every occasion. Thanks to the perfect balance of bitterness and alcohol, you can enjoy it on a terrace of your favourite cafe or as part of your home cooked meals. Golden colour is a reflection of a welcoming Slavonian soul that is embedded in its every drop.

Pancakes with Osječko Beer

Mix 250 grams of flour, six eggs and one bottle of Osječko Beer into a smooth, homogeneous mixture. After it cools for about an hour in the fridge, fry the mixture, and fill the pancakes with your favourite sweet or savoury filling. Bon appétit!