Taste from the Heart of Slavonia

We wanted to give you only the best of Slavonian fields and the warmest part of Slavonian soul. Slavonsko Beer is a strong, cheerful reflection of that wish and of our brewing passion. If you look at it for long enough, you’ll see all the carefully collected gold from our fields, which is embedded in the superior feeling of enjoyment in Slavonsko Beer.

In Accordance with the German Beer Purity Law

According to the ancient German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) from 1516, beer is allowed to contain only the most basic ingredients: water, barley and hops. Way back when they people didn't even know about brewer's yeast. Slavonsko Beer is made according to that strict law in order to make it natural, irresistibly tasty and balanced because Slavonia deserves the best.

Be Spiteful, Slavonia

Created out of spite – because Slavonia deserves only the best beer made with natural ingredients. Carefully manufactured malt from specially selected barley, with an addition of special hops, and brewed on a cold temperature of around 12°C. That gives it soft foam and stability. It is particularly important to keep it in the traditional brown bottles that preserve the original taste for a long time.


0.5L glass bottle

Label Tells the Story

A glance at the charming label says a lot – elements of the traditional coat of arms of Slavonia joined with ears of golden wheat from our fields. Slavonsko Beer is framed with two dark blue areas, like the depth of the two rivers framing our region. Golden yellow-coloured ears also hint to a noble content of the bottle.

Purity Equals Curativeness

Slavonsko Beer is not only clear and tasty, but it also has curative properties – numerous studies point to the fact that moderate consumption of beer protects one from cardiovascular diseases – and it is packed with vitamins at the same time. Purity of Slavonsko Beer implies low calorific value: a glass of milk or apple juice tends to have more calories than our beer.