Light beer with 11% extract (4.5% vol.). Its flavour is refreshing and typical for German lager and wheat beer. Its golden-yellow colour is achieved by using locally grown barley and wheat, and the finest hops.


Light beer with 11% extract (4.5% vol.). This lager beer is characterized by the fullness of flavour with pleasant bitterness, plenty of foam and premium quality. Its characteristics can be traced to an old recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation ever since 1664.

Osječko 1664

Osječko 1664 Dark Beer is a beer with 11% extract and rich in nutritional ingredients. Its alcohol content is 4.5% vol.

Osječko Dark Beer

It is characterized by fullness of flavour and made with premium-quality tested ingredients, with 11.8% malt extract. Its alcohol content is 4.7% vol.


A refreshing blend of Osječko Dark Beer and lemon juice. Its alcohol content is 2% vol.

Dark radler

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